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Do you ask why this course is pursued? The whole object of the way thus far has been to cause the soul to pass from multiplicity to the distinct sensible without multiplicity; from the distinct sensible to the distinct insensible; then to the sensible indistinct, which is a general slight much less attractive than the other. It is vigorous in the beginning, and introduces the should into the perceived, which is a purer and less exquisite pleasure than the first; from the perceived, into faith sustained and working by love; passion into this way from the sensible to the spiritual, and from the spiritual to naked faith, which, causing us to be dead to all spiritual experience makes us die to ourselves and pass into God, that we may live henceforth from the life of God only.

We need not fear that in seeking God only we may narrow our lives or restrict the motions of our expanding hearts. The opposite is true. We can well afford to make God our All, to concentrate, to sacrifice the many for the One.